Services, Training, Counselling & Workshops


Individual counselling:
Individual counselling with emphasis on persons and families living with cancer from diagnose onward.
Bereavement counselling
Discharge planning for ward patients based in hospitals
Palliative and terminal care
Debriefing for social workers working with trauma, death and loss
Supervision for private social workers

Workshops for cancer patients regarding
Coping skills in learning to live with cancer
Living with metastatic cancer
Post treatment adjustment for cancer survivors who have completed their cancer treatment
Hoping is Coping workshops
Caregiver support workshops
Volunteer training

Training workshops for health care providers on the following topics
Psycho-social support of patients’ living with cancer
Bereavement and loss training sessions
Staff debriefing groups and individuals
The role of the social worker in palliative care
The role of the social worker in oncology
Managing discharge planning effectively

Services I provide

Health care consulting and training

    • Small group debriefing
    • Stress management for healthcare professionals
    • Consultation about how to instill a patient-centered approach in the healthcare environment and aimed at providing psycho-social support services.
    • NGO consultation
    • Start-up of new oncology units and staffing needs and training
    • Wellness day workshops  regarding cancer prevention and early detection
    • Training of nursing staff in patient-centered care
    • Primary care nursing staff training